Providing qualitiy,organized and time/cost efficient services,on
road,sea,railway,air,transit and combined transports facilities,in both
local and global market is the major principle of ORIENT LOGISTICS&TRANSPORTATION Ltd. Co.
We also provide proffessional solutions aboutcustoms,warehousing,loading/unloading,insurance,harbour/dock,services,stock
control,road and destination investigation,heavy/oversize shipping in
ocean and airfreight forwarding and logistics with our experienced and
proffesional personnel.

We have been providing heavy/oversize shipping services since 1970.After 40
years of experience we have begun to provide insurance and customs
services with a new establishment; ORIENT LOGISTICS&TRANSPORTATION
Ltd.Co. in 2004.Within this short period of time we have transported
over 50.000 tons of cargo to
Libya,Arabia,Syria,Algeria,Tunis,France,Netherlands,Belgium,Austria and
Russia.By the year 2008 we have the capacity to organize and deliver all
size and weight of freight to any given destination.

We always think big.We believe that providing succesful logistics and
transportation services for oversize freight is only possible by
listening customer needs,coming up with unique solutions,taking care of
every single detail and following up the latest technology.

Our goal is to become a solution partner for our customers,in the field or
transportation and logistiscs,providing systematic and well planned
organisation with fast,safe and efficient service policy.