We have special equipment and vehicle to transport overweight and
oversize freight which can not be stored in containers and loaded to the
trucks.We can also produce tailor made equipment according to the needs
( size,shape,weight ) of the freight.

We provide a whole service of organisation ( both import and export
), containing insurance,customs,warehousing and harbour procedures of
the freight.Especially before road transportation,most suitable and
efficient destination ist determined transportations.We also provide a
feasibility report ( including alternatives) according to the type of
delivery (FOB-CIF-DDU etc. ) to provide cost efficient solutions for our
customers.3000 square meters of open field we own at Derince Harbour provide
wide range of stocking and warehousing opportunities for our customers
during both import and export transportations.

Procedure of road transportation starts with choosing thesuitable
equipment and vehicle according to the freight which is going to be
transported.If it is not possible to find suitable equipment according
to the freight, we produce tailor made equipment according to the needs (
size,shape,weight) of the freight.
At the second stage,we make a detailed roda and destination
investigation according to the physical properties of the freight.During
this investigation we determine the properties of the
road,(raised,passages,bridges,traffic, etc.) and weather conditions
during the transportation period.
At the third stage we make vehicle decision,such as towing and/or
pushing trucks,according to the weight of the freight and slope of the
road.At the last stage we obtain permit papers from the authorities and
transportation begins alongside escord vehicles.Freight is insured by
the AIG Insurance Company during the process.All the truck drivers are
specialised in carrying overweight and oversized freight.

Sea transportation is the most common type of transportation
preffered according to its cost efficient properties for all kinds of
freight.We investigate and provide most appropriate ship,considering the
size, weight and type of the freight.
According to our company policy,L/S/D is one of the most important
components of the organisation process that we do not hesitate and kind
of expense at this stage.First class material and workmanship is
guaranteed at this stage.Our experienced team pays extra attention to
the freight to be handled gently and takes every precaution against all
bad conditions.Most important service we provide to our customers during sea
transportation is 300 square meters of open customs field we own at the
Derince Harbour.We provide extra time by stocking freight at this open
area before the arrival of the ship.We also provide other harbour
services and help our customers with customs procedures.

Event it is the most expensive type of transportation,considering the
time efficiency,air transportation provides unique economic advantages
in some cases.Air transportation is mostly indispensable for projects
which have time restrictions.

Railway transport offers safety,speed and cost efficiency.Also it is
the most ecological way of transport.Even though railway transportation
is not widely used in Turkey due to limited lines, we use railway
transportation as much as possible because of the advantages it offers.

Combined transportation is the most common way of transportation
used.It is the combination of all transportation methods listed
above.Freight transported by air,sea or railway has to be transported by
vehicle.For this reason,our team prepares a feasibility report
considering;type,size and weight of the freight, as well as time and
route constraints.This report is used for making the combination and
organisation of means of transportation to be used.

Today's logictic concept includes all
warehousing,stocking and customs services and procedures.ORIENT
LOGISTICS & TRANSPORTATION Ltd.Co. provides all these services
according to the criteria mentioned in cutoms law no.4458.